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About Magic Esports


Magic Esports is the pinnacle of competitive Magic: The Gathering, with more ways than ever for players to compete at the highest level and play their way to glory. At the heart of Magic Esports is the Magic Pro League (MPL), featuring 32 of the best players from around the world battling at the highest level of preofessional Magic.

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What is the MPL?

The Magic Pro League features 32 of the top players in the world showcasing Magic at the highest level. Each member is offered support by Wizards of the Coast, ensuring they can continue to compete as a viable career for years to come. Follow along as the MPL faces off in weekly league matches and Mythic Championships to find out who will be crowned best of the best.

Meet the Pros!

Qualifying Paths

You don’t have to be in the Magic Pro League to compete at the highest level! Challengers can earn a spot at Mythic Championships through Mythic Championship Qualifier tournaments run by local WPN member stores, by tournament organizers, at a MagicFest, on Magic Online, or on MTG Arena. You could be the next Magic legend!

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Mythic Championships

These annual tournaments held around the world feature the Magic Pro League battling alongside Challengers for prize money and the title of Mythic Champion—offering more paths to glory for both digital and tabletop Magic players.

Event Name Date Location Format Prize Pool
Mythic Championship I February 22-24 Cleveland, OH Tabletop $500,000
Mythic Championship II April 26-28 London, England Tabletop $500,000
Mythic Championship III June 21-23 Las Vegas, Nevada MTG Arena $750,000
Mythic Championship IV July 26-28 Barcelona, Spain Tabletop $500,000
Mythic Championship V October 18-20 Long Beach, CA MTG Arena $750,000
Mythic Championship VI November 8-10 Richmond, Virginia Tabletop $500,000
Mythic Championship VII TBA TBA MTG Arena $750,000

World Championship

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At the end of the 2019 Season, 16 players across tabletop and digital Magic conclude a groundbreaking year by battling for $1 million in prizes. These players include:

  • The 2018 Magic World Champion (Javier Dominguez)
  • The 2019 Mythic Championship winners (4 tabletop; 3 MTG Arena)
  • The Top 4 MPL members based on Mythic Points*
  • The Top 4 Challengers based on Mythic Points*

*If a player in the Top 4 has earned an invitation through other means, their qualification slot passes down to the next highest Mythic Point earner.

Mythic Points

Mythic Points are a new, streamlined points system designed to connect competitive gaming across MTG Arena and Magic tabletop. It's simple—do well at Mythic Championship events and earn Mythic Points. For 2019, Mythic Championships will award up to 50 points to competitors – see the full Mythic Points breakdown here!

MPL Weekly

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The first year of MPL play sees three distinct Splits over five weeks, during which each player faces all seven Division opponents in round-robin play. Each match win earns players Mythic Points, with Division winners receiving a first round bye at a forthcoming MTG Arena Mythic Championship.


Don’t miss any of the action this season. Tune in to Magic’s new and exciting content broadcasted from around the world! You can stream MPL Weekly and Mythic Championships live — or watch previous matches right here or on



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